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Patient Transfer

Patient hoists help transfer patients safely.

  • Our mobile patient lifts are battery or hydraulic operated, able to provide a secure method of patient lift and transfer whilst protecting staff and minimising injury caused by poor manual handling. (Up to 175Kg)
  • Our ceiling transfer hoists and ceiling track system combine to form a truly portable overhead lifting solution for the home, care home and hospital. Whether for homecare, an emergency or temporary solution, or just that a fixed ceiling lifter is not suitable (up to 200Kg)
  • All our patient transfer hoists and slings are made in the EU , and comply to EU standards.


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Patient Transfer Hoist

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Ceiling patient Transfer Lift 

This portable ceiling lift was designed from the ground up to be a truly portable lift – one that can be easily carried from room to room or place to place when needed. At the heart of the system, a lithium battery system delivers patient lifting power with significantly less product weight than industry competitors.


Portable patient Lift 

Sunlift Hoists offer you a safe way to transfer your patient from the bed to the chair and vice-versa. It can also pick up a person from the floor. Three models are available, depending on the user weight: 130, 150 and 175 Kg.


Stand-Up patient  Lift 

Stand Aid Hoist can increase the quality of life an individual by allowing them to return to standing and walking. In other individuals it can increase quality of life by maintaining a certain level of mobility for as long as possible.
Compact, portable and exceptionally versatile, the new Journey standaid incorporates the latest design and manufacturing technologies to produce the most compact and portable, folding standaid on the market today.

Hydrotherapy Pool Access Lifts


Rise Atlas 450M 

The lifting unit Handicare RiseAtlas450M, with QuickTrolleySystem (to attach to the rail) and a safe spreader bar (to attach the user) is designed for use in wet environments. It works with rechargeable batteries. The charging is via the hand control small holder.


MilkyWay rail

The rail system Handicare’s MilkyWay is a complete, simple and safe rail system for permanent installation on the ceiling and/or on the walls. Each MilkyWay rail system is individually designed, in close cooperation with the customer, allowing for adaptation to specific conditions and for meeting of specific requirements. You can install it as a straight rail, curved rail, or to cover a rectangular area.


Pool/shower chair

Handicare pool/shower chair with wheels for users that can be seated. It can be self-propelling or for attendant use. Much easier to use than the slings, it has also a big advantage: the same chair can be used also for the shower, avoiding another user transfer. Four hoist rings on the back and front of the frame makes it suitable for use in combination with hoists. The location of the hoist rings provides an optimum balance and security during lifting. It is very easy and safe to attach to the spreader bar. The stainless-steel material is adapted to pool use and is easy to clean and disinfect.


Pool/shower trolley

Handicare pool/shower trolley with wheels for users that can be in lying position. The adjustable backrest enables rising the user’s head and upper body which can facilitate tasks such as washing the user’s hair but it also allows the user to see what is happening. The big advantage is that the trolley can be used also for the shower, avoiding another user transfer. The upper frame can be detached from the lower frame. The hoist rings on the upper frame makes it suitable for use in combination with a hoist. It is very easy and safe to attach to the spreader bar. The stainless-steel material is adapted to pool use and is easy to clean and disinfect.



Handicare Slings for users that can be seated. It is a safe and easy way to use: the sling wraps the body of the user; it has four loops that can attach safely to the spreader bar of the RiseAtlas. The sling material is adapted to pool use and easy to clean and disinfect. Kindly consult us for sling selection

Disabled Pool Access


I-Swim Portable Pool Hoist

I-SWIM is an attendant operated  mobile pool lift.

I-SWIM 2 enables users to access any type of pools independently.

Once the unit is positioned correctly,  the chair swings horizontally above the water, before it  lowers to immerse the user in the swimming pool.

Beach and Pool Access


Pool wheelchair

JOB pool wheelchair solves the problem of entering and exiting from water, whether it is in a pool or a sea. Thanks to its waterproof wheels with controlled deformations, JOB enables users to face pebbles, gravel, dirt and even snow, transforming each obstacle into a source of entertainment.
To facilitate the transport, JOB can be easily assembled or dismantled without any tool.

Pool Fixed hoist



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