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#1 Lift Chairs In the USA

Lift Recliners

Lift Recliners help you stand up safely

At the push of a button, the inbuilt motor will quietly and smoothly raise you to your feet, or recline you into a sleeping position, or any position in between.



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Experience true weightlessness.

PRODUCT IMAGE - PR515 MLA Coffee_Seated No HC
PRODUCT IMAGE - PR515 MLA CoffeeBean_Right Rejuv
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Positions Strip

Comforter Series

3-position power lift recliners available in 7 different sizes!

Comforter red vinyl man standing
Comforter red vinyl man TV watching
Comforter red vinyl zero gravity
Comforter red vinyl man trendelenburg

Value Series

3-Positon lift chair recliners !

Capri blue
Monarch green
Monarch sand
Capri 3 vinyl-1

Luxury power lift recliner

Made in the USA!

Our lift recliners are the strongest in the industry, featuring a northern maple hardwood frame and double doweled on all stress points, and reinforced mitre blocks that are stapled and glued for added durability.

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Our products are designed to promote independent lifestyles; They are carefully selected from reputed brands & meet the highest safety standards.

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